Walking in Devon - June 2013


These are the notes and photos created on a holiday in Devon.  The holiday was organised by Hugh and Jane Whitelock.  They had stayed at East Cornworthy Barton (more...) at Christmas with their family and offspring.

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Friday, 7 June - Arrival in East Cornworthy
Saturday, 8 June - The Greenway Trail
Sunday, 9 June- Dartmouth Castle
Monday, 10 June - Hope Cove
  Tuesday, 11 June - Coleton Fishacre
Wednesday, 12 June - Greenway
Thursday, 13 June - Prawle Point
Friday, 14 June - Return Home

Previous DayContentsNext dayFriday, 7 June - Arrival in East Cornworthy

We arrive at East Cornworthy Barton at about 4pm to be greeted by Hugh and Jane.  We start on the Rosé at 4:15pm awaiting the arrival of the others.  First come John and Gill Hooper and their dog Bruno.  Later on come Bill and Mary Swanson just in time for supper - a fine fish pie cooked by Mrs W.  Afterwards we play Jenga .


Previous DayContentsNext daySaturday, 8 June - The Greenway Trail

Today is our daughter, Emma's birthday so we ring her and wish her a Happy Birthday. During a communal breakfast,  Hugh announces we should walk the Greenway Trail.  And so  we do.  The Hoopers are worried about how far the fourteen year-old Bruno can walk.  We walk to Dittisham along a downhill path.  When we get to the road we meet a friend of the Hoopers who lives just down the road from where we are staying.  We also discover that the path we had walked along was now closed because a bridge we had not used was broken.  We walk into the picturesque village of Dittisham and across the  football field to the shore of the River Dart.  We stroll to the end of the jetty and start to board a red boat.  It is the wrong boat. The one we want is the Greenway ferry (more...).  It takes us across the river to the Greenway Quay.  We walk up the road to join the Greenway Trail.  This takes us to Galmpton and near a telephone box we say goodbye to the Hoopers and adjourn to the Manor Inn where some of us have a pint of Otter.  We continue the walk up over the downs to Broadsands where most of us have an ice cream and Jane L has a pasty.  We walk along the coast and up over a golf course and make our way back to the Manor Inn where we have a late lunch and some of us have another pint of Otter.  We continue on the trail ending up on the Greenway Estate.  We take the  ferry back across the river and walk back along the road to our accommodation.   We have a BBQ supper and play Jenga.

For a map of the  10.5 mile walk click here.     


Previous DayContentsNext daySunday, 9 June- Dartmouth Castle

During the return yesterday Hugh and discovered that the first ferry to Dartmouth from the Greenway Quay leaves at 10:15am.  The Lawrences and Hoopers and  Bruno drive to Dittisham whilst the others walk.  We all meet at the jetty.  Jane and Graham meet some acquaintances from Chichester who are staying on their boat moored in the river.  We cross the river and wait for the Dartmouth ferry.  We have a coffee to while away the time.  The ferry takes us down the river to Dartmouth .  We faff around and then get on the  ferry to Dartmouth Castle .  We don't go into it.  We say goodbye to the Hoopers, Jane and Bruno who will walk back to Dartmouth to catch the ferry back to Dittisham.  The rest of us go on a circular walk and end up in Dartmouth at the Dartmouth Inn where we have crab sandwiches and drink beer out of plastic glasses overlooking the river. We walk through the town and get on the Greenway Ferry back to Dittisham.  We eat a supper of chicken curry prepared by Mary. This is followed by a game of Jenga.

For a map of the  4.6 mile walk click here.     


Previous DayContentsNext dayMonday, 10 June - Hope Cove

Today we are splitting up.  Bill and Mary and are going to visit friends near Totnes and John and Gill are going to visit Dartmoor.  That leaves the rest of us to go to Hope Cove.  We get to Outer Hope, park and then realise that we should have parked in Inner Hope.  Having paid for the parking we decide to walk to Inner Hope where the walk is meant to start.  From Inner Hope we  walk to the Bolt Tail then to the Pilot Inn.  Outside is a signpost giving distances to various places.  One place is Hope Cove marked as being 7 miles away.  We ask the landlady who tells us that it is that far to encourage walkers from Salcombe to stop for a drink and a bite.  We have crab sandwiches and enquire as to the best way back to Hope Cove.  We decide to retrace our steps but taking short cuts where possible.  We try and find places where friends from Birmingham have property in the vicinity but fail to find any.  We return to our base and await the return of the others. The boys are allowed to visit the Red Lion to sample the Palmers beer.  We all gather to eat the cottage pie prepared by Gill.  Jenga is played again and Graham manages to topple the tower with the second piece only.  Is this a world record?

For a map of the  4.5 mile walk click here.     


Previous DayContentsNext dayTuesday, 11 June - Coleton Fishacre

Today our guide Hugh has decided that we should go to the National Trust property of Coleton Fishacre which is close to Kingswear.  Hugh, Jane, Bill and Mary take the car to the Park and Ride on the edge of Dartmouth and take the bus to the ferry.  John drives the rest of us to the ferry and across it.  The Hoopers and Bruno drive to a car park near Coleton Fishacre while Graham and Jane drink coffee in the station café waiting for the others.  We start the walk and shortly discover that a landslide has blocked our way so we retrace our steps and have to climb up many steps to another route.  Part of the way along the path we espy a man that looks like Hooper and another woman and another dog.  On getting closer we realise it is Hooper.  Gill and Bruno appear.  Everyone walks to Coletton Fishacre.  Graham and Jane decide to rejoin the National Trust.  We all have  pasties for lunch whilst it spits with rain.  We walk around the house (more...) once owned by the D'Oyly Carte family.  It is very interesting for Art Deco fans and others.  Graham and Jane opt to go back with John and Gill whilst the others walk the South West coastal path back to Kingswear.  Whilst Jane is cooking the BBQ the boys go to the Red Lion in Dittisham to sample the Palmers Ale. After the meal another game of Jenga is played.

For a map of the  6 mile walk click here.     


Previous DayContentsNext dayWednesday, 12 June - Greenway

The Hoopers leave after breakfast. It's wet today so we decide to visit Greenway.  We drive to the upper free car park in Dittisham and walk down the hill to the jetty. We stand in the boat as it takes us to Greenway Quay.  A short walk takes us up to Greenway.  Our entrance to the house is not for another 45 minutes so we wander around the walled gardens and tennis court where we admire the handkerchief tree.  It's a busy day at Greenway  (more...). There are parties of Germans and a load of French school children. We amble through the rooms once occupied by Agatha Christie and her archaeological second husband Max Mallowan.  It is a fascinating insight into her life.  We return on the ferry to Dittisham to sample lunch and beer at the Ferry Boat Inn.  We book the window table for Thursday night.   Tonight's meal is left overs and very tasty they are.  Another game of Jenga is played.  A tower of 28 floors is created.  Someone remarks that alcohol helps steady the hands.    

Previous DayContentsNext dayThursday, 13 June - Prawle Point

It's fine today so our guide decides we should go to Prawle Point.  We drive to the car park, a mile from East Prawle, the southernmost village in Devon.  We walk close to the coastguard station at Prawle Point and around the coast to join a bridle way (pronounced brindleway by Mary). At the junction are a couple of mountain bikers one of whom points out the finer details of the bikes - the hydraulic suspension and breaks.  It's a snip at £3000! We walk on to East Prawle and have lunch at the Pigs Nose Inn . Jane decides she will walk back to the car.  The others walk east along the circular path and return to the car park.  Jane is there listening to a cricket match on the car radio.  Graham tries to start the car but there is a clicking noise as the solenoid in the starter motor cannot engage.  There is no telephone reception so Bill drives Jane to East Prawle and the AA are called.  Hugh stays with Graham.  The AA and Jane arrive within 30 minutes and start the car.  Apparently modern batteries don't hold their charge but can be totally recharged within 15 minutes of driving.  We drive back up to East Prawle and meet the others as they are finishing their cream teas.  We decide to drive back to base whilst the others drive to Lidl in Dartmouth to replenish the wine stocks.  After drinking it Jane drives us to Dittisham and we walk to the Ferry Boat Inn.   We have an excellent  meal and partake in the quiz.  We answer the 40 questions as best as we can and pass our answers to the table next to us.  The question master speaks in a low stentorian voice as he announces the answers.  For questions where only one person gets the correct answer he says 'Clever clogs' and says the answer is worth nil points.  For questions with French answers he awards -5 points as he is a francophobe.  It is all rather hilarious.  Needless to say the locals win and the tourists have no hope.  We return to base and as it is late we do not play Jenga. 

For a map of the 5.6 mile walk click here.     

Previous DayContentsNext dayFriday, 14 June - Return Home

Today we will depart.  We settle our bills with Hugh and Jane.  Hugh and Jane are leaving to go to a place near Looe with their son, Tom.  Bill and Mary are going to Ringwood to take a man out to lunch.  We pack up and leave to go to Totnes market to buy fish and vegetables.  We buy Brill, Megrim and Ray wings.  We get home at 4pm having had a wonderful time and looking forward to a fish supper.










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