USA - February 4th - 26th, 2005

We flew to Denver on Friday, February 4th and drove to Boulder where Jane gave a course and Graham amused himself.  

On Wednesday, February 8th, we flew to Las Vegas (slideshow) where we saw the Blue Man Group and O by the Circle du Soleil for which we had wet seats - two rows from the front.  Both shows were excellent.

On Saturday, February 11th, we hired a Chevvy 4x4 from Alamo and drove via the Hoover Dam to the Thunderbird Lodge on the south rim of the Grand Canyon (slideshow) .

On Sunday, February 12th, we drove along the south rim of the Grand Canyon and then on to Sedona (slideshow) where we stayed for six days.

On Saturday, February 19th, we drove south to Tucson (slideshow).

On Wednesday, February 23rd, we drove north to Phoenix (slideshow) and on the Friday we flew home.

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