Bookmarklets and Browser Extensions


Where a form is often used and cookies are not used to populate the form when its page is loaded use of this extension populates input, select and textareas with the data previously entered.

Save Cookies for Input Items on a Form
Code for bookmark:
    javascript:(function(){var d=document;var s=d.createElement("script");s.src="";d.body.appendChild(s);})();
Click here to download the code as a browser extension.

Blocked loading mixed active content

If your browser shows a shield icon at the left side of the address box click it, allow the blocked content, then click the Bookmarklet icon again.

Test FormCookies

Follow these steps (after loading the browser extension):
  1. Enter Text:
  2. Select item:
  3. Check box:
  4. Click option: 1 2 3
  5. Enter text:
  6. Click on the cookies at the top of the browser to save your input values.
  7. Now reload the page. The input areas above should be empty.
  8. Click on the cookies at the top of the browser to load the values you had previously entered.